Windmill Hill and Local Information


This is one of the 4 hills that make up the Isle of Avalon. When we first came to Glastonbury we were immediately
 drawn to its joyful and nurturing energy and moved here from London as soon as we could!
The mound on top of the hill is now thought to be a 5000 year old observatory. A number of important astrological alignments connected to the hill have recently been discovered by local historian Nicholas Mann and astrologer Phillipa Glasson. 
During one such alignment from the top of the hill the sun can be seen ‘rolling up’ the Tor at sun-rise on the winter solstice.
Windmill Hill also aligns with other significant pre-historic sites around England.
For more information about the history and astronomy of Glastonbury please visit Nicholas Mann and Phillipa Glason’s website:



Glastonbury High Street – There is  an organic health food shop called  EARTHFARE     Also a local CO-OP
There is a large MORRISONS with ample parking in the corner where Street Road and Magdalene Street cross.


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